If you're from the high north (A.K.A Canada) like we are, you KNOW how aggravating catching a light in the middle of a snowy day can be.

The folks at Plazmatic realized this too and created an ultra-resistant, super sustainable lighter to make sure we stay away from butane with our next hit.

Here's why SO MANY people are talking about this electric lighter:

1. More juice, more fun

The Plazmatic X is fully rechargeable via USB! No more going to your corner store at 11:45 PM because of your lighter's lack of juice.
You can charge this bad boy super quick with the same portable charger you use for your phone!

2. Protects the environment, and protects you

Nearly all lighters available for purchase at corner stores are filled with Butane. While this chemical is a super-cheap way to create a flame, inhaling it can cause long-term damage to your lungs, and is terrible for the environment.
The electric purple heat beam in the Plazmatic is completely butane-free (but it's still hot - trust us, we've tried it).

3. Built for every season

The makers of Plazmatic claim their product is completely windproof. That means you can light right-side up, upside-down, left ways, right ways and any other ways you can think of.
The Plazmatic X especially gives a shout out to the cold Canadian winter that keeps our thumbs bleeding when trying to catch a light outside!

4. Let's be real - these look freaking cool.

Have you seen the designs on these lighters? Not only do they come in over 20 variants, but the sliding cap and electric heat beam look seriously badass.

You can check out unbox therapy's review right here to see what these folks have to say about the Plazmatic X: