Grinder Card - Blasted Zombie


Have you ever been to a concert or on a trip and had access to great herb, but no grinder on hand? We've all been there, but with the V-Syndicate grinder card, you never have to experience this conundrum again! The grinder card is like a cheese-grater for flowers. 

Made from medical grade stainless steel, the card won't rust or tarnish. The brilliantly fashioned teeth are sharp enough to grate even tough buds without cutting delicate skin. Grater sharpness is available in fine, medium, and course. Some cards have more than one sharpness within the same card. The card's design makes it safe to take through airport security and the accompanying carrying case keeps residue from transferring from your card to your pocket or wallet.  

V-Syndicate grinder cards come in a wide variety of styles and designs allowing you to show your personality or give as the perfect personal gift. Check out our  Classic designs. These sleek all stainless classics include the Classic V and the Roaring Lion. Looking to add some flare? Check out our color selection like this psychedelic Peace & Love card or this hip Groove'n'Grind turn table style. Our Special Edition cards feature a range of Alice in Wonderland themes like this Alice in Grinderland design. These cards are so cool, even Cheech and Chong got on board! Check out our Officially Licensed cards like the Cheech and Chong License or the Cheech and Chong Quarter Pounder

These tools are good for more than just grinding. Use the card to scoop herb into your pipe or paper or to slice a blunt. Some cards feature a hole that makes them a perfect roach holder. Our selection of rolling trays go great with the grinder card to give you a clean and organized rolling experience. 

The V-Syndicate grinder card won International High Time’s Product of the Year in 2011 and Product of the Year at the Kush Expo in 2013.